Utility-scale energy storage

Integrated, innovative energy storage solutions

At Lightsource bp, our flexible, intelligent utility scale battery storage solutions enable us to further our mission to deliver affordable, sustainable solar power to businesses and communities around the world. Our solar and storage projects enable greater solar penetration across the energy landscape, and have the additional benefit of de-risking, which is a strong step towards our goal of increasing global sustainability.

Could battery storage benefit you?

Integrating utility-scale battery storage on a largescale solar project can offer a whole host of benefits to customers across a range of sectors, including utilities and data centers. We’re able to provide flexibility and stability to any entity looking to meet decarbonization goals across 24/7 operations.

Why add storage to utility-scale solar?

By pairing solar with today’s most cost competitive and advanced battery solutions, our expert team is increasingly able to maximize the benefits of our responsible solar solutions to our customers across the US. Alongside the qualities that make solar such an attractive proposition – security of supply, price visibility, carbon reduction – storage offers a host of additional benefits to our energy partners:

  • Flexibility and shaping, providing solar when needed
  • Ancillary services: frequency regulation, flexible ramping, frequency response
  • Resource adequacy, NERC reliability compliance
  • Transmission and distribution deferral
  • Increase PV facility production
  • Solar smoothing, firm power
  • Voltage regulation, volt/var support
  • Reduce solar basis and curtailment risk

Safe, responsible, regulated

Safety is a core value at Lightsource bp – we are dedicated to making sure our solar and storage projects are designed, constructed and operated to the highest possible standards. We closely monitor our sites, 24/7, and are constantly running analytics and reporting to make sure that all our sites are performing optimally. Lightsource bp is also committed to reusing and recycling as much of our materials as possible, at the end of our projects and throughout their lifespan, as part of our global commitment to sustainability, reducing waste and creating a true circular economy.

Technological innovation

We take a technology-agnostic approach to our utility-scale energy storage solutions, which allows us to innovate and move with the market in order to develop the most cost effective and reliable integrated energy products for our customers. Our vendor selection process is rigorous and we place specific emphasis on responsible business practices along our entire supply chain. Lightsource bp partners with a variety of tier-1 equipment suppliers, integrators and EPCs to deliver safe, reliable, and high performing systems. For each project, we carry out technology and vendor selection via a rigorous prequalification and shortlist process to ensure the best fit solution.