Biodiversity Net Gain

Introducing our Biodiversity Net Gain Framework for U.S. solar development

Climate change and biological diversity (biodiversity) loss are two of the world’s most pressing crises.  As part of our Responsible Solar approach, we at Lightsource bp are addressing both of these urgent issues for a more sustainable future.

Biodiversity is the variety of life on Earth and the natural patterns it forms. Since the start, Lightsource bp has sought to foster biodiversity and create habitat at our solar farms in the United States. In 2022, Lightsource bp formally announced our aim to deliver biodiversity net gain on our operational assets worldwide, measured 5+ years post construction.

We’ve committed to developing a biodiversity management plan for all Lightsource bp developed projects from 2023 onward. At a minimum, biodiversity management plans (BMPs) will include:

  1. A description and evaluation of key ecological features on and adjacent to each site, including key habitats and species
  2. Measures to avoid and mitigate impacts on biodiversity during construction
  3. Habitat restoration and creation proposals and the actions needed to deliver them
  4. A calculation of the biodiversity net gain (BNG) expected based on the project baseline, impacts and habitat scheme designs
  5. A management and monitoring regime

In the United States, we’ve released a regional-specific framework that details our specific methodology for implementing our global goals, locally across America. We’ll be measuring biodiversity net gain at our Lightsource bp owned assets using two methods – one applied globally and one specific to the U.S.

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Biodiversity Net Gain Framework

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Environmental management case studies

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