Second Division Solar construction update

As of  February 2024

Construction is underway at the 125MW Second Division Solar farm in Brazoria County, Texas, south of Houston. The project entered construction in 2023. The project is expected to finish construction in late 2024.

See below for the latest update on project construction. We understand that construction can be disruptive to the community, and we’re working to minimize disruption. With questions, comments or concerns, please reach out to USCommunityRelations@lightsourcebp.com or fill out the form below.


Equipment and installation

Our construction crew is hard at work installing new infrastructure for Texas’s energy security and independence. When complete, the solar arrays, inverters, transformers, substation and other equipment at Second Division Solar will generate home-grown electricity for Texas homes and businesses.

Our latest update:

  • More than 88,000 solar panels from U.S.-based manufacturer First Solar installed. Solar panel installation should be completed in spring 2024.
  • Post driving is underway, with 19,615 posts installed to date. Pile driving should be completed in spring 2024.
  • Work on the substation is underway, estimated to be completed in late summer 2024.
  • All 28 inverters and transformers are installed. These help turn DC power generated by the solar panels into usable AC power that can power homes and businesses via the electrical grid.
  • Installation of farm-style game fencing is complete.
  • Most major deliveries have been completed, with some delivery traffic continuing through March.
Combiner boxes combine energy from the panels into a single DC output – that is then connected to an inverter.


Solar construction creates career opportunities in your community. Our latest update:

  • There are currently about 120 workers on site each day. At the peak of construction, there were around 200 workers on site.
  • SOLV Energy LLC is the construction contractor for the facility.
  • Weekend work is expected on occasion in the near-term.
Utility-scale solar projects create hundreds of jobs during construction.

Responsible Solar

Lightsource bp has a deep commitment to delivering safe, clean and affordable energy, as well as maximizing environmental sustainability and positive social impacts for each of our projects. We call this approach Responsible Solar. We pay attention to every detail, from the fencing we choose to the vegetation we plant. As the project owner and operator, we want our Second Division Solar farm to be a great project for the local community.

  • Prior to construction, we pre-seeded array with 12 kinds of primarily native grasses and flowering plants to stabilize the soil. Nine additional species have been added during construction, including the iconic Texas bluebonnet. This practice assists with soil and vegetation stabilization, along with weed suppression and stormwater management, both prior to and during construction. Post-construction, for the life of the project, Lightsource bp creates vegetation plans that establish healthy groundcover that aids in holding stormwater and reducing erosion.
  • We will be planting new trees and other vegetation along the project boundary where needed to enhance aesthetics and to provide habitat for local wildlife. 
  • Lightsource bp is also committed to recycling all solar panels used at our sites, including any damaged during construction. Any damaged solar panels are sent back to their manufacturer to be recycled as well.

Solar construction basics

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