Our growth story

How Lightsource began

From kilowatts to gigawatts in 10 years

Lightsource bp was founded as Lightsource Renewable Energy in 2010. We began as a small UK start-up, formed of six people, with a plan to deploy retail investment into solar energy projects. Although our entry  into the UK energy market was fairly late, our ‘finance first’ approach propelled Lightsource to become the UK’s largest solar energy company in just a year – investing in and delivering many of the country’s first utility-scale solar projects accounting for around 20% of UK utility-scale solar to date.

Despite years of regulatory changes and uncertainty faced by the UK solar industry, Lightsource remained resilient. As well as supporting the growth of a significant, local, large-scale solar market, we pioneered industry best practices in community engagement, biodiversity management plans and operations and maintenance services.

In 2015, we began exploring  international business opportunities across Europe, the Americas and Asia. In 2017, we announced our partnership with bp, rebranding to Lightsource bp and setting out our shared mission to accelerate the deployment of solar power across the world. Although our business has rapidly evolved over the last 12 years, and the size of our projects have grown from kilowatts to gigawatts, the constant driver of success remains our team and growing a culture of inclusiveness and belonging. Watch this video to find out how Lightsource has changed over 10 years and what some of our team members have to say.



Our Partnership with bp

Accelerating the world’s transition to a low-carbon energy future

Lightsource and bp first entered into partnership in 2017. Most recently, bp has announced the intention to fully acquire Lightsource bp, which currently operates as a 50/50 joint venture with bp.

It is an exciting time for both companies, as it brings to bp our world-class onshore renewable power development capability which will be a critical enabler for delivery of their transformation into an integrated energy company.

Our vision for the future

Local, affordable and sustainable energy supply

Lightsource bp recognises the urgent need for our world to decarbonise and that utility-scale solar projects play a vital role in creating local, affordable and sustainable energy supply.

As a business we’re focussed on enabling a rapid energy transition. Through our responsible solar development initiatives, we are progressing projects that go beyond solar to realise local biodiversity, agriculture and many other economic benefits.

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Vendimia solar project

Empowering regional leadership

In the last 5 years, Lightsource bp has grown exponentially across EMEA, the Americas and APAC. Our solar project development capability, business operations, power marketing and community relations initiatives are all realised through our regional leadership and team members. In some of our more progressed markets, Lightsource bp has received recognition as a leading regional solar developer. Watch this video to find out more from our team in the US, recently ranked #2 Solar Developer in America.

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Our culture and people

Driving Lightsource bp is a team of over 1000 people, working right across the world. Visit the page below to see more about our culture, values, and what makes us shine.

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Our Leadership

People are the core of our success at Lightsource bp, and this starts with our board members and executive team.

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Find out how we’re helping communities around the world

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Choose a career where you are empowered to change the world! If you are passionate about accelerating the energy transition, and looking to join a global collaboration of team members focused on delivering sustainable power, visit our careers page to find out more about working at Lightsource bp.