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Solar power for our world

Our utility scale solar projects provide utilities, businesses and local communities with affordable and sustainable power. These solar projects help decarbonise energy systems, and provide security of supply.

Innovative advances in solar technology and development continue to increase the value added benefits of utility-scale solar like combining agricultural practices on land use through agrivoltaics, and enhancing local biodiversity. You can find out more about our global solar projects below.

Lightsource bp solar projects

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solar projects this year

2024 utility-scale solar projects in progress

Lightsource bp is actively progressing solar projects around the world. Watch our video to find out more about our projects, power output and local construction jobs being created.

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Delivering sustainable solar power across the world

We build, operate and partner with solar power projects in countries throughout Europe, Middle East and Africa, Americas, and Asia Pacific.

Select the region tabs below to explore some of our projects.

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Our commitment to responsible solar

Sustainability is a core value of Lightsource bp. All our solar projects come with a commitment to respond to the global issues of climate action, decarbonising energy, and biodiversity loss. From agrivoltaics projects that support food security, to creating habitats for our valuable wildlife species – we’re driving the renewable energy revolution for our planet.