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Professional asset management is essential for maximising value from your solar assets. As an industry leader, Lightsource bp has a well-established, international track record in optimizing solar assets across the entire lifecycle – from development through to long-term operations.

Our diverse team possesses deep understanding of local markets across multiple geographies. With this global approach, we can effectively tailor solutions to individual owners, navigate regional dynamics, and drive asset performance.

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Our team and technology

Why choose Lightsource bp Asset Services

From basic reporting to in-depth analysis, our Asset Services provides a comprehensive range of tailored solutions.

Global team and experience

Gigawatt scale approach

Advanced analytics and AI

Sustainability and safety credentials

Services we offer

Asset Management

Our core strength lies in our specialised Asset Management team, driving operational excellence through financial and commercial oversight, forecasting, compliance and more. This enables integrated services to optimise portfolios.

Operations and Maintenance (O&M)

We provide comprehensive O&M solutions, including preventative and reactive maintenance, assessments, monitoring, reporting, cleaning services and engineering.

AI, Monitoring and Analytics

We collect high-frequency data and use AI to uncover trends and opportunities to improve performance, enable predictive maintenance and address issues proactively.

Technical Services

We provide assessments to identify efficiency gains, oversee retrofits/upgrades, SCADA integration, on-site troubleshooting, contractor supervision and more to ensure reliability.

Asset Management team members
Lightsource bp team member working on the inverter

Advanced analytics for actionable insights

We invest substantially in cutting-edge technology and AI to unlock asset portfolio potential through data-driven optimisation.

These advancements empower our customers with real-time performance metrics, predictive analytics, and detailed reporting to gain deep visibility into portfolio health.

Our state-of-the-art analytics equip teams with the knowledge to make informed decisions that proactively address fluctuations. This drives greater energy yield, reduced costs, and increased longevity.

We customise analytics to suit each customer’s unique needs and demonstrate that data-backed decisions in partnership lead to exceptional results across managed portfolios.

This proactive approach is vital to optimising assets and maximising value. Our investments in analytics allow us to achieve operational excellence.

Safety and operational excellence: our commitment

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Safety is non-negotiable. Robust systems ensure full compliance and zero compromise, ingrained across all operations.


Compliance is integral, with ongoing reviews surpassing expectations for quality, safety and ethics.


Through continuous improvement, asset optimisation and proactive innovations, we challenge inefficiencies and deliver superior results.

This ethos of operational excellence, safety and compliance allows us to maximise value. We firmly believe in safeguarding personnel, assets, and the environment as fundamental to guiding our operations. Rigorous protocols and dedication to optimisation empowers assets while aligning with our mission of sustainability.

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