Brazil: Lightsource bp volunteers help renovate schools near Complexo Solar de Milagres

Supporting communities in Brazil

In July, our team members travelled to Ceará, Brazil, to help with the refurbishment of three schools close to the Complexo Solar Milagres. This formed part of Lightsource bp’s ongoing work to deliver several improvements to the schools’ infrastructure this year.

Repairs carried out included internal and external painting, replacement of tiles, placement of plaster linings on the ceiling, electrical and hydraulic maintenance, and refurbishment of tables and chairs with reuse of recycled materials from the Solar de Milagres Complex.

Once the work is complete, the teaching units will receive solar panels and computers, and training provider, SENAI, will be responsible for ensuring training for teachers to promote inclusion and digital transformation. The initiative will benefit more than 300 children and young people.

Making a positive impact

“This is yet another opportunity for Lightsource bp to be present in the life of the community, contributing with activities that generate positive changes and encourage everyone’s development. We rely on the help of professionals from the Department of Education, teachers, and parents of students. It was work that made a difference for the entire community, as it improved working conditions for teachers and learning conditions for students,” says the VP of Sustainability, Land and Environment, Adriana Martins.

“I am absolutely sure that the children will be excited and happy when they see that the school has been renovated during the holiday period. This revitalization will help them in their day-to-day learning, as well as more convenience and infrastructure in the classrooms. Receiving this support from Lightsource bp is very important for the future of our students”, explains the coordinator of the Padre José Leite Sampaio School, in Abaiara, Albanisa Rocha dos Santos.

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