Commemorating Children’s Day with our partner schools in Brazil


Children at four schools near our Milagres Solar in Brazil project commemorated Children’s Day with games, activities and gifts. In total, 153 children participated in the events, sponsored by Lightsource bp. 



 Older children (ages 10 to 13) watched the movie “Josué e o Pé de macaxeira,” a regional reinterpretation of the classic tale “Jack & the Bean Stalk” while snacking on popcorn and other treats. The younger children (ages 2-4) enjoyed activities including arts and crafts, hopscotch and a “treasure hunt.”  

 In addition to these activities, Lightsource bp employees in the Americas donated sporting equipment and toys to the four schools. Over the course of one week, Lightsource bp employees in Brazil and the United States contributed BRL9.041 (US$1700) to a fund that was used to purchase play items like volleyball nets, mini soccer goals, vests, balls, seesaws, hula hoops and toys.  



 Lightsource bp executes environmental management plans in each project, which include social aspects. Lightsource bp goes beyond the minimum requirements for project licensing in executing these programs, employing a full-time social analyst to represent the project in the local community and implement long-term campaigns in partnership with the community over several years. 

These programs include providing classes and hands-on activities for construction staff and local students on topics ranging from water use and biodiversity to local arts and culture.

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