Connecting our people and our project to reshape our energy

Our solar projects not only displace carbon emissions but can also support agricultural activity and biodiversity protection at the same time.

We recently demonstrated this to fifty of our Lightsource bp colleagues in our Spain team with a visit to Vendimia, our first solar project connected in the country back in 2021. They learned first-hand how a solar site works and how it integrates with the environment to promote biodiversity and agricultural activities. The project, located in Almochuel (Zaragoza), is a cluster of five solar sites that generates enough electricity every year to supply the equivalent of 107,000 homes.

Like all our projects around the world, we work hard to maximise the opportunities to protect and enhance local ecosystems. In many cases, these solutions often work in lockstep with the rural economy and agricultural activity.

The participants enjoyed a walk around the Vendimia facilities with some very special guests: the sheep grazing on the site they now call home. Grazing at a solar site has been initiated by our partner Plenium and supports dual land use for local livestock farmers. It also improves animal welfare with the panels providing shade and protection from predators.

In addition to grazing, Vendimia has also become home to several populations of lesser kestrels (Falco naumanni), a small falcon in danger of extinction, that has now created a new colony in the area thanks to the recovery programme promoted hand in hand with the NGO DEMA and the Government of Aragon.

At Lightsource bp, renewable energy production goes one step further than the decarbonisation of energy systems, by placing sustainability and corporate social responsibility at the heart of all our activities.

Values and teamwork, the key to our success.

Our culture, our values and our teams drive our success. We share a common passion for creating a more sustainable world and we are particularly proud to be enabling this change. Events such as the Vendimia engagement day help us to build shared experiences, giving our employees the technical know-how to understand how renewable energy production can coexist with farming and good environmental practices, as they can see first-hand the direct positive impact of their work and the contribution, they are making to create a more sustainable, more secure energy landscape for future generations.

Watch the video to find out more about the engagement day at Vendimia:

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