Cultivating success: Lightsource bp’s vibrant growth in Taiwan through cultural adaptability

On 26 January, Lightsource bp’s Taiwan team joined hands with co-developer GreenRock in organising a community engagement activity in the town of Budai in Chiayi County, the site of Lightsource bp’s pioneering fishery solar project.

The event was filled with local cultural elements — lucky draws, hosts dressed in red attire symbolizing luck, a traditional banquet called Bando featuring 10 dishes made from local ingredients. This lunar year-end appreciation gathering for landowners, fishermen and local community members was a hit in this small town.

Vivi Lee, Development Manager of Lightsource bp, handed out prizes and posed for photographs with the recipients. Following this, the host invited all Lightsource bp’s teammates onstage to thank them for their efforts in organising the gathering.

“With 19 markets globally, it’s crucial for us to understand and respect the diverse cultures in each market to establish trust with stakeholders. People in Taiwan, especially the elderly, adhere to a more personal management style in forming relationships in business. This is why we are here today to share these happy moments together,” Bin Fu, Lightsource bp’s Regional Head for Taiwan expressed.

In Taiwan, local relationships continue to play an important role in business relations. Apart from actively participating in community activities, such as dedication to local religious events and cleaning beaches, we endeavour to organise down-to-earth events while adhering to our compliance guidelines.

Bin Fu further noted: “Most of the landlords here are middle-aged and elderly. Many of them face challenges in continuing farming or aquaculture due to aging. By leasing land to us, Lightsource bp ensures a stable income for them for the next 20 years.”

Spring couplets are red paper strips with characters written on them that people hang on doorways or walls to make wishes for the coming lunar year. At the gathering, Lightsource bp distributed spring couplets to the participants. The couplets featured Lightsource bp’s logo, and one of them creatively incorporated Lightsource bp’s Chinese name in the greetings. “The English proficiency of locals is limited. To make Lightsource bp be remembered by them, we need to add a touch of creativity to traditional Taiwanese practices,” said Bin Fu.

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