European Solar Day marks the brightest day of the year

On June 21, the inaugural European Solar Day basked in 16 hours and 38 minutes of glorious daylight.

As those in the northern hemisphere enjoyed the longest day of the year, European Solar Day was also an opportunity to reflect on the incredible strides made by solar across the continent and the opportunity that lies ahead.

The growing light of solar

Earlier this year, the think tank, Ember, highlighted the growing share of electricity that solar was able to deliver across the EU, with 20 member states generating more of their electricity from the sun.

Solar in EU graphIt’s clear that solar and other renewable power will be the engine room of Europe’s decarbonisation. But that share of solar must keep expanding.

To deliver responsible solar, the industry must work with communities to design and site projects sensibly. Myths around solar must also be dispelled so that people can make informed, fact-based decisions as decarbonisation transforms how we fuel our homes and businesses.

European Solar Day marks the start of an important contribution to that effort and Lightsource bp will use its long history in the sector to support that work.

The event is coordinated by the trade association SolarPower Europe and will return in an expanded form in 2024.



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