Explore PPA partnerships: Meet Lightsource bp at ReSource, Amsterdam

RE-Source 2023

Lightsource bp is gearing up to attend RE-Source in Amsterdam on 26th and 27th October.

The annual event, hosted by the RE-Source Platform, brings together renewable energy buyers and suppliers across Europe and provides a unique opportunity for large numbers of buyers and sellers to meet, share ideas, discuss needs and secure deals. This year’s event will be held in a new venue, Beurs van Berlage, and is expected to attract over 1200 attendees.

Lightsource bp: our gigawatt approach

As a global solar leader, Lightsource bp has been building and growing meaningful partnerships across the energy transition for over a decade. Our gigawatt-approach to solar provides may benefits to our partners worldwide by leveraging economies of scale, ethical and sustainable procurement, and continuous improvement on quality and efficiency – reflected through our competitive pricing structures.

We understand the needs of our customers and their sustainability goals, and, with our innovative and flexible approach we can help them find the best possible energy solutions.

Power Purchase Agreements

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Powering sustainable fashion with PPA for global fashion brand collective

Our innovative collective virtual power purchase agreement (CVPPA) with The Fashion Pact, the largest CEO-led initiative for sustainability in the fashion and textile industry – offering a long-term renewables commitment for 12 brands.

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Lightsource bp’s first cross border corporate PPA in Spain

A 10-year PPA deal to deliver 284,000 megawatt-hours (MWh) of solar power to LyondellBasell annually (equal to the electricity consumption of approximately 78,000 European homes), and accounting for 78% of the company's total renewable electricity goal.

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PPA to support Microsoft’s 2025 renewable energy targets

Our first solar PPA with Microsoft in Poland. This long-term PPA from the 40 MWac solar project will play an essential role in driving down greenhouse gas emissions in the region, and supports Microsoft’s goal of 100% renewable energy supply by 2025.

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By choosing to procure from Lightsource bp, your organisation will access world-class solar and power marketing expertise, including environmental responsibility and stewardship.

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