Lightsource bp host second event with New Energy Business School

Lightsource bp recently hosted the New Energy Business School for the second year. The two-day programme discussed energy transition business and leadership.

Based in the Netherlands, the school provides further education around all aspects of the energy transition to peers from a range of global energy sectors.

Jolyon Ridgwell, Lightsource bp’s Senior Portfolio Investment Manager, opened the programme by speaking to participants around financing renewable business opportunities.

“I had the pleasure and privilege of presenting an overview of Lightsource bp, and the investment management activity specifically, to an audience from the New Energy Business School.

“The participants listened attentively and asked many thoughtful questions on a range of points. Working with such an engaged group is always rewarding, so I enjoyed the opportunity very much.

“The renewable energy sector is a friendly and close-knit community, and I hope that we will be able to work together in the future.”

Bert Stuj, Programme Director for the New Energy Business School added that the two-day event was a real benefit to all involved.

“The participants – and I myself – were very interested in the way Lightsource bp views opportunities for new renewable energy projects across the globe. It was fascinating also to learn about the ambitions and the maturing relationship with bp, and access that will give to new markets.

“The synergy between the solar portfolio of Lightsource bp and the broader bp renewables agenda will be an exciting one to follow. Thank you for hosting us!”

Growing partnerships

Lightsource bp are committed to supporting learning and development for our people and taking opportunities to share and gain knowledge. As a renewable energy leader, we know that strengthening our relationship with partners and energy sector supporters is key in how we grow as a business.

We value our people and culture that we have created. Learn more about how you can partner with us.


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