Lightsource bp provides solar panels and technology support for Brazilian public schools

Lightsource bp, a global leader in the development of solar energy projects has continued its support for public schools in Brazil’s Ceará region. Following on from some building maintenance in July 2023, Lightsource bp has installed dozens of solar panels and computers at the Maria Digivã Nascimento Ferreira and Padre José Leite Sampaio schools, located in the municipalities of Milagres and Abaiara, respectively.

In addition to reducing energy consumption and the emission of carbon dioxide (CO2), the support will include a training course for teachers. The comprehensive 180-hour course in digital and new technologies is being provided in partnership with SENAI Juazeiro do Norte technical college.

“This is another opportunity for Lightsource bp to be present in the life of the community, contributing to activities that generate positive change and encourage everyone’s development,” said Adriana Martins, VP of Sustainability, Land and Environment, at Lightsource bp.

“This equipment will be important for the entire community, as it improves working conditions for teachers and learning conditions for students,” she added.

In July 2023, the company mobilized representatives from city halls, its own, employees, local communities, private companies and parents of students to deliver several improvements to the infrastructure of three educational units in the Ceará region. Repairs were carried out including internal and external painting, replacement of tiles, fresh plaster linings on the ceilings as well as other electrical and hydraulic maintenance. Tables and chairs were renovated using recycled materials from Lightsource bp’s Milagres Solar Complex, which will enter into commercial operation at the beginning 2024.

Lightsource bp is developing a pipeline of 5.8GW of opportunities in Brazil having entered the market in late 2018.

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