Lightsource bp Sponsors World Congress in Toronto Canada

The Energy and Mines World Congress was sponsored by Lightsource bp.

The Energy and Mines World Congress was held last month (21st-22nd November) in Toronto, Canada. The event, sponsored by Lightsource, brought together mining companies looking to delve into renewable energy. As the world shifts toward a low-carbon economy renewable energy provides a way to offset the impact of rising fuel prices and reduce energy costs.

The mining sector accounts for 11% of the worlds energy usage. As the grade of ore continues to diminish and mines operate in increasingly remote locations, the demand for energy has increased.

Lightsource CEO, Nick Boyle, delivered the keynote address on ‘Adapting renewables to fit with Mining’s business model’ which included the unveiling of Lightsource’s innovative ‘Flexible-term, fully funded solar solution’

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