Lightsource bp, the way to a sustainable solar Europe

This week SolarPower Europe released a follow-up interview with our Director of Environmental & Social Planning, Penny Laurenson after being crowned champions of their solar flora & fauna photography competition. The feature covers Lightsource bp’s biodiversity and land management practices as well as what sustainability means to Lightsource bp.

As the transition to renewable energy accelerates across the continent, the co-benefits of solar also increase. We’re delivering iniatives that protect and enhance the health of ecosystems on the land that hosts our projects.

This means finding ways to deliver on competing goals such as biodiversity protection, ecosystem health and energy production. Through multi land-use initiatives solar projects can do this and much more including agricultural co-use and species specific conservation projects.

Sustainability is a core value at Lightsource bp and this means delivering more than solar projects, it’s about how we run our business. It’s about delivering value for people and the planet, throughout our operations, and this means continually improving and innovating with our solar projects.

Take a look at the article at Shining a light on sustainability – SolarPower Europe.