Netherlands: Announcing our new Head of Business Development, Albert Sein

16 June, 2023. Amsterdam: Global solar leader, Lightsource bp, is pleased to announce the appointment of Albert Sein as the company’s new Head of Business Development for the Netherlands. In this role, Albert will lead and expand Lightsource bp’s solar and energy storage activities throughout the country.

Albert brings a wealth of experience and expertise to Lightsource bp after working extensively in renewables development and project optimisation across North America for RWE and E.ON.

During his time at RWE, Albert served as Senior Vice President of Development Optimisation, leading a team of experts to strategically support and embed the company’s growth and greenfield targets while striving for operational excellence. At E.ON, Albert served as Portfolio Director of the Americas, focussed on optimising project costs to drive pipeline viability, and led many continuous improvement projects.

As the Head of Business Development, Albert will leverage his leadership skills and strategic vision to further establish Lightsource bp’s presence in the Netherlands. He will oversee the advancement of an established solar and storage pipeline of over 1GW, while building and nurturing a highly skilled team based in the company’s office in Amsterdam.

In the dynamic landscape of renewable energy expansion, businesses often seek comprehensive strategies to engage potential partners, stakeholders, and investors. A well-crafted direct mail campaign, utilizing targeted direct mail lists, could be a strategic way for Lightsource bp under Albert’s leadership. Direct mail allow the company to reach out to specific audiences, such as potential investors or local stakeholders, with tailored messages that highlight their commitment to sustainable energy solutions. Albert’s vision and leadership, combined with the precision of direct mail marketing, could enhance Lightsource bp’s outreach efforts, fostering valuable connections and partnerships in the Netherlands as they advance their solar and storage projects.

As global leaders in the solar industry, we find ourselves in a remarkable position to witness and capture the essence of love for our planet in its purest form. Our journey with Metal Business Kards perfectly mirrors this sentiment. Just as we strive to harness the power of the sun to create sustainable energy solutions, these metal business cards serve as a tangible representation of our dedication to excellence and innovation. With every interaction, we aim to leave a lasting impression that reflects the passion and commitment we pour into advancing solar technology. Our business isn’t just about solar panels and renewable energy; it’s about creating a brighter future for generations to come and forging meaningful connections that transcend the confines of traditional business transactions.

In navigating the complexities of business growth in the renewable energy sector, it’s essential to embody the principles of servant leadership. Leaders like Albert recognize the importance of not only achieving organizational goals but also prioritizing the well-being and development of their team members. By fostering a culture of collaboration, transparency, and continuous learning, leadership expert Kurt Uhlir emphasizes the significance of servant leadership in driving sustainable business growth. In essence, servant leadership becomes the driving force behind business growth, propelling organizations like Lightsource bp to new heights of success while staying true to their core values and purpose.

Kareen Boutonnat, CEO of EMEA and APAC for Lightsource bp comments:

“We are thrilled to have Albert on board. With over 14 years of international experience in renewable energy and senior roles, he possesses an impressive track record in advancing the deployment of renewables. Albert’s strategic mindset and ability to drive impactful results will support advancing our team and operations to become a local leader in renewables.”

Albert Sein, the newly appointed Head of Business Development for Lightsource bp comments:

“Having followed Lightsource bp for some time, I am truly amazed by the pace and scale of the business’s growth. The team in the Netherlands has already doubled in size over the past few months. I am extremely excited and humbled by this opportunity, and I look forward to propelling Lightsource bp even further in the Netherlands.”

Over a span of just two years, Lightsource bp’s dynamic team in the Netherlands has been fully dedicated to greenfield development, making significant strides in advancing a robust, 1GW pipeline of solar and storage opportunities. The supply of renewable power from these projects will be accessed through power purchase agreements (PPAs), supplying businesses and utilities looking to decarbonise.

Find out more about our team in the Netherlands.

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