New Talent Required for Lightsource bp UK's Solar O&M Academy

Lightsource bp UK is looking for new talent to join its solar O&M academy.

Lightsource Renewable Energy, Europe’s leading solar energy company, is searching for new talent to join its in-house solar Operations and Maintenance (O&M) induction academy, following the successful completion of its first batch of recruits.

Solar O&M in the UK is moving into new territory, with many EPC warranty periods now coming to an end, and the demand for high quality O&M services is rapidly increasing.

Lightsource currently has a 40+ strong Field Service Team (FST), which manages its growing portfolio of more than 1,200MW.  From the field engineers to the support staff, the level of PV specialist knowledge in the O&M sector is increasing. However, finding the right people who can deliver the required high quality maintenance service can be difficult.

In response, Lightsource has developed its own specialist induction academy to take the right people with the right qualifications and turn them into PV technicians capable of delivering the kind of service that is needed today. A total of 22 new employees have joined O&M in 2016, 14 of whom joined the FST.  These FSEs have just completed the rigorous induction academy and are beginning work on Lightsource sites across the UK.

Teresa Bristol, Head of Operations at Lightsource, explained: “To provide a successful O&M service, you must have strength in depth which means the people, the equipment and the infrastructure to support a high level of consistency. You must have the correct structure in place to help you find and develop the right people and that is no easy task.”

“Having your own team of people who can manage all aspects of the O&M process allows you to achieve a high level of both responsiveness and quality. No matter how good your processes are for vetting subcontractors, there is no substitute for having everything in-house.”

The five day induction course gives trainees both classroom and hands-on experience on a live site.

Simon Walker, who was one of the first to successfully complete the induction academy, said: “The induction covers everything you need and gives a great insight into Lightsource and the high standard of work that is required from its O&M services. The course is pitched at just the right level and I was really impressed with how well structured it was. The field work at the end really consolidates the theory work across the first few days of the induction. Such a process does not happen by accident. It is the result of time, effort and attention to detail by a team who care. I’m now really looking forward to getting out and working on site.”

From the field engineers to the support staff, the level of PV specialist knowledge in the O&M sector is increasing. Lightsource’s bespoke induction scheme arms staff with the knowledge and skills to deliver the high levels of standards expected from both Lightsource and its clients.

Based at headquarters in Bath, the FST is supported by dedicated O&M resources covering monitoring, communications, LV systems, HV systems, Health & Safety and Land Management. With regional teams around the UK, the FST is never more than an hour away from any Lightsource-managed site to ensure quick response whenever needed.

For more information on Lightsource O&M services and the in-house training academy, please contact or call 0333 200 0755. Please use the reference “INDUCTION” when contacting.

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