Italy: Progressing solar and agrivoltaics

Lightsource bp has secured authorisation for the 21MW Buccheri solar farm in Sicily. It is our first site in Italy to reach that milestone.

The agrivoltaic project will maintain local agricultural production and offer an additional source of income for local companies through initiatives such as sheep grazing and beekeeping. The park will also feature the planting of native herbaceous species and a permanent grasslands with alfalfa, sulla and underground clover.

The park is located on a plateau in the Municipality of Buccheri, an area that is currently undervalued in terms of biodiversity. The project will require an investment of approximately €14 million, and will contribute around €40,000 annually to the local municipality through local taxes, benefitting the entire community.

“The Buccheri solar park demonstrates how the production of renewable energy and agricultural activity can coexist in harmony on the same territory, generating benefits for the environment, the local economy and contributing to the reduction of our country’s energy dependence,” said Giovanni Mascari, Country Head of Lightsource bp in Italy.

We have already obtained the environmental impact assessments for three other projects: the Rose Hip cluster in Sardinia, the Mirlocca agrivoltaic park, and the Canicattí agrivoltaic park in Sicily.

The construction of the Buccheri park will create jobs at a local level, with a peak employment of approximately 400 people during the 6 months of construction and 21 permanent jobs during its expected 30-year lifecycle of the plant for maintenance and to carry out the on-site agricultural activities.

Find out more about Buccheri solar project

You can also visit our Italy website to see more details of Progetto Solare Buccheri.

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