Poland: Celebrating the annual harvest ‘Dożynki’ festival

The Lightsource bp team in Poland recently met with communities celebrating the annual harvest festival across the country, where several of our renewable energy projects are located.

The team spent quality time over four weekends with local communities, strengthening connections and discussing Lightsource bp’s renewable energy initiatives.

The traditional harvest festivals are significant annual events in Poland, and Lightsource bp was honoured to be part of these celebrations. The festivals provide an opportunity to express gratitude for the culmination of the harvest season, which occurs in late August and early September. At these festivals, farmers and communities express their thanks by showcasing beautifully decorated harvest wreaths made from grain ears, fruits, vegetables, and field flowers.

The Lightsource bp team began by joining the community harvest festival in Radwanice, located in the Lower Silesian province. From there, they travelled to the opposite end of Poland, specifically to Jaroslaw in the Podkarpackie Province. Next, the team engaged with residents in Kotla in the Lower Silesia Province, Gaworzyce in the Lower Silesia Province, and finally, Kotunia in the Mazovia Province.

At each event, Lightsource bp hosted a booth to facilitate discussions with community members interested in renewable energy and opportunities for collaboration. These conversations cantered around topics such as land leasing opportunities and the advantages of incorporating solar infrastructure on surrounding land. To make the events enjoyable for children, the team also provided activities and small gifts to educate them about clean energy.

“It was a great pleasure for us to spend time with residents of municipalities where Lightsource bp’s clean energy projects are being developed. We were pleased to attend these events following invitations from the municipal authorities. This allowed us not only to engage with local leaders, but also to connect with the broader community, who are eager to learn more about renewable energy and the possibility of allocating their land for the construction of solar farms,” said Michał Głowacki, Head of Country Lightsource bp Poland.

“Our participation in the harvest festivals across Poland aligns with our company’s ethos. We prioritise close integration with local communities and aim to collaborate with them to showcase the advantages of renewable energy development in their region. This approach helps raise public awareness about renewable energy and, more importantly, fosters strong relationships that can play a pivotal role in driving the energy transition and promoting economic sustainability,” Michal added.

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