Portugal: Energyear 2023 sponsorship

Lightsource bp sponsored Energyear Portugal this year, which took place on July 5th in Lisbon. The event brings together industry experts and decision-makers to explore Portugal’s renewable energy market, including a huge focus on solar energy and green hydrogen.

Our Country Head for Portugal, Miguel Lobo, participated in a panel discussion on ‘Boosting the energy transition in Portugal’, alongside experts from Acciona Energia, Amarenco, EDP Renovaveis, and APREN’s President. Together, valuable insights on Portugal’s renewable energy landscape, progress and challenges were discussed.

Lightsource bp’s sponsorship reflects our commitment to play a leading role in supporting the energy transition in Portugal. Discussions focused on continued investment, public awareness and engagement, and international cooperation to drive the transition towards a greener, more sustainable future.

By incorporating solar power into the energy mix, Portugal diversifies its sources, reducing reliance on finite fossil fuels and enhancing energy security. Its versatility allows for installation in various locations, promoting decentralization and reducing dependence on centralised power grids. This accessibility extends electricity to remote or underserved areas while minimizing ecological impact and contributing to biodiversity net gain.

Visit Lightsource bp Portugal to find out more.

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