Solar Panel Electricity is 'Cheaper Than Fossil Fuels'

Solar-generated electricity is ‘cheaper than fossil fuels’, researcher says

Businesses keen to cut costs and drive down their energy bills in the future may want to look at the

benefits of solar panels, as researchers are now saying that by 2025 such measures could be the

cheapest way of accessing renewable energy and generating power that is cheaper than fossil fuels.


According to experts from the University of Edinburgh, the cost of electricity generated in this

way has dropped by over 70% since 2001, with the establishment’s Dr Neil Robertson noting that

planning now needs to be done in order to “maximise the social, environmental and business

benefits it will bring us”.


While it may cost a bit to actually install these panels on your business premises, the savings you will

see certainly outweigh any initial outlays you will make. The fact that sunlight is free means you will

make huge savings on electricity bills, while also allowing you to sell any power you generate that

you don’t use back to the grid – so you’re not only saving cash, you’re actually making some as well.


But it’s not just money that makes photovoltaic panels a solid investment – you can also give

your business an environmental boost as well, since these products will help you cut your carbon

footprint and prove to customers that you are particularly interested in being eco-friendly and

harnessing the power available from renewable energy resources. This is something that is

becoming a growing concern among consumers, so you could also attract new custom by turning to

these energy measures.


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