Solar summits to task force – Lightsource bp's 2024 Q1 event highlights

We hit the ground running to kick off 2024 at Lightsource bp. Here’s a glimpse of the highlights from a range of events we have been a part of so far.

Large Scale Solar Summit Europe 2024

On 26 March Francisco Beirão, Head of Government Affairs for Europe at Lightsource bp spoke at the Large Scale Solar Summit Europe 2024 in Lisbon. Discussing recent debate in Europe about the Net Zero Industry Act (NZIA) Francisco told the delegates there was a need to balance support for supply chains, and the pursuit of renewable energy goals.

“The NZIA was a way to make European supply chains more resilient. But some policymakers took it to mean there was a need to restrict the supply of solar panels and other technologies. The reaction from the industry was that if you’re going to restrict the supply of technology then you’re going to impact the pace and scale of deployment,” Mr Beirão said.

Solar Taskforce at No. 10 Downing Street

In the UK, Alex DeSouza, Lightsource bp’s General Counsel for EMEA and Head of Transactions, was invited to No. 10 Downing Street as the culmination of her work as Lightsource bp’s representative on the Government’s Solar Taskforce, as well as the Chair of the Comms subgroup.

The Taskforce’s Solar Roadmap will be published in the coming months, and Alex, along with the other core group members, was invited to No. 10 to present and discuss the draft document. Over the past year, Alex has put forward tremendous effort, supported by a broad team from Lightsource bp, to drive the solar industry forward and work with government, trade associations and businesses to ensure the UK reaches its target of 70GW of installed solar by 2035.

Working with communities in APAC

Lightsource bp Taiwan team

On 26 January, Lightsource bp’s Taiwan team joined hands with co-developer GreenRock in organising a community engagement activity in the town of Budai in Chiayi County, the site of Lightsource bp’s pioneering fishery solar project. The event was filled with local cultural elements — lucky draws, hosts dressed in red attire symbolising luck, and a traditional banquet called Bando featuring 10 dishes made from local ingredients.

Vivi Lee, Development Manager at Lightsource bp, handed out prizes and posed for photographs with the recipients.

“With 19 markets globally, it’s crucial for us to understand and respect the diverse cultures in each market to establish trust with stakeholders. People in Taiwan adhere to a more personal management style in forming relationships in business. This is why we are here today to share these happy moments together,” Bin Fu, Lightsource bp’s Regional Head for Taiwan expressed on the day.

In Taiwan, local relationships continue to play an important role in business relations. As well as actively participating in community activities, such as dedication to local religious events and cleaning beaches, we endeavour to organise down-to-earth events while adhering to our compliance guidelines.

Sharing solar permitting know-how and supporting schools in the Americas

School teachers outside Brazil school supported by Lightsource bp

Lightsource bp’s US team attended The American Clean Power Association 2024 Siting & Permitting Conference, which had over 1,000 registrants. The team engaged with industry leaders, experts, and stakeholders who came together to collaborate on industry challenges, solutions, and best practices.

In addition, we continued our support for public schools in Brazil’s Ceará region. Following on from providing building maintenance support in July 2023, Lightsource bp installed dozens of solar panels and computers at the Maria Digivã Nascimento Ferreira and Padre José Leite Sampaio schools, located in the municipalities of Milagres and Abaiara, respectively.

“This is another opportunity for Lightsource bp to be present in the life of the community, contributing to activities that generate positive change and encourage everyone’s development,” said Adriana Martins, VP of Sustainability, Land and Environment.

Learn more about our commitment to social responsibility.

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