Monoraha solar

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Current status

Site selection

Preliminary assessment and site design

Planning application

Discharge of planning conditions

Ownership transferred

24MWdc in Cahir, co. Tipperary, Republic of Ireland

The Monaraha solar project is a 24MWdc solar farm located at Monaraha, east of Cahir Co. Tipperary. This 80 acre project received planning approval in April 2016 with an amended design approved in June 2020.

The Monoraha solar project was developed in consultation with the local community, helping Lightsource bp to design a site that integrates into the local area and ecosystem. The sites tailored Biodiversity Management Plan, will help the provide a positive contribution for local species by increasing the habitability of the sites land. Natural screening solutions will avoid negatively impacting the current viewshed and will also benefit local wildlife.

We hosted a community consultation for the project to gather feedback from residents. Community consultation is an important part of the development process as it provides an opportunity to engage with local communities, allowing us to provide additional information and residents an opportunity to offer any suggestions.

*All statistics detailed on this page are accurate as of July 2021

Information & resources

During the development process, we put together the following information for the local community and planning committee

*All statistics detailed in our downloadable documents were accurate at the time of publication and may have changed during the development process.

In 2020, Lightsource bp sold this site and others in Ireland to Statkraft

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