Accepting the challenge, Pedro's story

Accepting the challenge, Pedro’s Story

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Joined 2021, Brazil- In November 2021 – I accepted the challenge of leading Lightsource bp’s power marketing team in Brazil, responsible for origination and power commercialization (PPAs). My role is to commercialize the energy from our projects in the most profitable way possible, creating good business  partnerships that create value for Lightsource bp, our customers and our shareholders. Our focus is to serve our partners and customers in the simplest way possible. We are consumer-centric and customize our contracts to meet all their energy needs with renewable, safe, reliable and competitive energy.

I have been in the electricity sector for over 10 years and before that, I worked in the financial and telecom market, always at large companies. I never considered joining a startup company, but when I accepted the challenge from Lightsource bp, that was precisely where I found myself. Despite being a multinational company present in 17 countries and well established in Europe and the USA, in Brazil we are still taking our first steps. It has been enriching to contribute to and learn during the construction of the company, the brand and the team, defining and executing the strategies to achieve  expected growth inBrazil. There is no recipe for success; here we have a blank page where we can use our creativity and experience to perform our duties as efficiently as possible.

Despite my short time at the company, I am already proud to be part of the Lightsource bp team, a young and agile company that supports and encourages diversity and equity, where everyone can contribute and be heard, dedicated to making a difference in our community. The exchange of experience with teams from other countries is a plus; here we always have the opportunity to learn and everyone is always willing to help. We are a team made up of genuinel, competent, dedicated people who work hard, but without losing joy and good humor, all rowing in the same direction focused on achieving our goals.

Pedro Vidal, Head of Power Markets, Brasil


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