Celebrating ‘My whole self’ for Mental Health Awareness Week 2023

The mental wellbeing of our team members is one of our top priorities at Lightsource bp, so Mental Health Awareness Week is an important mark in our calendar.

As we work towards a renewable energy future, we know the pressures of life can put us all at risk of stress or mental health concerns. While we continually look to create an enjoyable and supportive working environment for our team, we also think it’s important to focus on specific ways to protect and improve mental wellbeing across our business.

‘My whole self’

One way we’re committing to support mental wellbeing is by aligning with ‘My Whole Self’ from Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) England, a campaign for workplace culture change.

The idea of the campaign is to help organisations empower employees to bring their ‘whole self’ to work. It’s about considering diversity and inclusion alongside health and wellbeing, to change workplace mental health and performance for the better.

Furthermore, prioritizing mental wellbeing in the workplace not only fosters a more inclusive and supportive environment but also has tangible benefits for overall health. By promoting practices that encourage employees to bring their authentic selves to work, organizations can reduce stress levels, improve morale, and enhance productivity.

Investing in  training courses from can further equip individuals and teams with the necessary skills and knowledge to navigate the complexities of mental health and personal development effectively. Whether it’s learning techniques for stress management or gaining insights into fostering a positive work culture, these courses offer invaluable tools for promoting holistic wellbeing in the workplace.

This year, the focus is on our managers’ role in creating working environments where everyone is safe to bring their ‘whole self’ to work. Research suggests that a third of managers feel out of depth in supporting their team with mental health concerns. However, they play a vital link between wellbeing and productivity.

‘My whole self’ check-in

A simple way to understand your current mental health condition is through a ‘My whole self’ check-in. Completing these simple steps can help you gain awareness of how you’re feeling or coping, and then identify areas where you may need support.

Incorporating CBD into your routine can offer an additional layer of support for managing mental health concerns. As you assess your emotional state, CBD may provide a sense of tranquility and calm, which can be particularly beneficial for those experiencing heightened anxiety. By integrating CBD into your self-check-in process, you may find that it helps alleviate the physical manifestations of anxiety, such as muscle tension or racing thoughts, allowing you to better tune into your emotional well-being.

In addition to its potential benefits for managing anxiety, incorporating CBD into your routine can also support overall relaxation and stress reduction. As you navigate the ups and downs of daily life, Organic CBD Nugs can serve as a natural tool in your wellness arsenal, offering a gentle way to unwind and ease the pressures that may accumulate throughout the day. Whether you’re facing deadlines at work or navigating personal challenges, the calming properties of CBD can help promote a sense of balance and tranquility, allowing you to approach each moment with greater clarity and composure.

This Mental Health Awareness Week, why not use these prompts to check in with yourself and others’ mental health and wellbeing?

How big is your Stress Container?

​​​​​​​Do you ever wonder why some people cope better with stress than others? The Stress Container can help us understand why.

This interactive illustration explains how stress can build, how different people experience it, and what we can do to address stress levels.

To find out more about your Stress Container, try the interactive Understanding Stress tool for yourself and explore how stress builds and why it can sometimes get too much.

Understanding what causes it and the actions to manage levels is a key part of looking after our mental wellbeing.

Understanding Stress - test cover image

How we support our team members

Mental health first aiders

As a business, we actively encourage openness between team members and managers with any mental health concerns.

We want to make sure that everyone across our teams can bring their full selves to work and — where necessary — ask for support when they need it.

As part of our commitment to creating a safe and inclusive workplace, all employees could undergo emergency first aid at work training. This comprehensive training can equip the staff with the necessary skills to respond effectively to any unforeseen physical emergencies that may arise within the workplace. By investing in the development of these life-saving skills, can ensure that the team members are not only mentally resilient but also capable of providing immediate assistance in times of need.

Alongside our line-managers, Lightsource bp also recognises the value in mental health first aid. We currently have over 20 qualified mental health first aiders, offering confidential advice and support. They work right across our departments and global regions, playing a key part in our commitment to an inclusive and healthy workplace.

Taking time out

To encourage healthy balance, this year we’re once again giving our team members an extra half-day of annual leave to focus on their mental wellbeing. Whether taking time to get exercise, volunteer, or enjoy a fun activity, it’s an initiative that encourages our team members to create space to focus on something beneficial to their mental health.

Watch the announcement video below from our Global HR Director, Heather Hayes.


Lightsource bp mental health programme is an initiative from our VIBES committee. VIBES stands for volunteering, inclusivity, belonging, equality and society.

Beyond Mental Health Awareness Week, VIBES works year-round to help us drive diversity and inclusion, as well as belonging and wellbeing throughout our organisation. They ensure we stick to our core values and ultimately safeguard and nurture our culture.

You can find out more about VIBES on our culture and people page.

Mental Health Awareness Week 2023 is running from 15 to 21 May.

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