Doing better, Christopher’s story

Joined 2019, USA – I chose to join the team at Lightsource bp because the opportunity aligned perfectly with my two favorite parts about working in the renewables industry – the development of smart and sustainable projects, and building teams capable of delivering these projects. When I joined the team in 2019, Lightsource bp had an established track record in Europe but was relatively new to the U.S. market. This gave me an opportunity to make a real impact in terms of growing the U.S portfolio of projects and building the development team that would deliver these projects for decades to come.

What continues to motivate and excite me about Lightsource bp is the ability it provides my team to be creative and fully engage with our stakeholders to optimize our projects to be an ideal fit for both them and Lightsource bp. From rustic farm fencing to sustainability components – we design and deliver projects that fit both the local environment and our business goals. Achieving both can be difficult, even in the renewables industry.

From my perspective, the two best parts about working at Lightsource bp are our people and our projects. I was fortunate enough to join to the team at an early stage and play a part in building both the team and our project portfolio. Each person that has the joined has been selected based on both their professional qualifications and cultural fit to the organization. The result is simply a great group of human beings to work with.

In the same way, each project has been developed from the ground up starting with full engagement with landowners and local communities resulting in a unique mix of project sizes, designs, sustainability initiatives, and adaptation to the local environment – both human and non-human. There are no “cookie cutter” projects here, we do the hard work to do better for our partners, the communities in which we build, and ourselves.

Christopher Hansmeyer, Senior Vice President, Development, USA


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