Early plans unveiled for new Anglesey solar farm

Lightsource bp, a leading solar development company, will be presenting their initial ideas for a new Anglesey solar installation to the local community for their input. The company is proposing to fund, develop and build the 350MW Môn solar farm on three parcels of land in the north east of the island, including industrial areas surrounding the former Rhosgoch Oil Terminal.

Lightsource bp are in the very early stages of this project, and are sharing their plans with local residents and surrounding communities to gain their insight and feedback into the land they have identified. Following this early stage engagement, they’ll refine their plans and conduct a range of assessments, before bringing the proposals back to the community for further feedback.

The potential areas for the Môn solar farm will be presented at an online Q&A session, in Welsh on Tuesday 16 th March and in English on Wednesday 17 th March, both at 7pm, and anyone interesting in finding out more should join at The Lightsource bp team will show a brief video outlining the initial proposals for the solar project, and will then take any questions live to answer any queries and gather feedback from the local community.

The team are aware that not everyone has access to the internet, and encourages those who are unable to join the online session, or anyone who would like to learn more about the project, to call 0333 200 0755, email or write to the Environmental Planning & Sustainability Team, at Lightsource bp, 7 th floor 33 Holborn, London, E1CN 2HU.

The proposed solar installation would provide enough clean renewable energy to power 133,106 homes, saving 167,556 tonnes of carbon emissions every year, the equivalent of taking 35,650 large family cars off the roads. This project will contribute to meeting the Welsh Government’s target of 70% of electrical energy to be from renewables by 2030 and the Isle of Anglesey’s declaration of a climate emergency.

The site will be designed so that most of the open grassland on the site will be suitable for the continued grazing of small livestock, and a bespoke Biodiversity Management Plan will ensure that the proposal enhances the site as much as possible for local wildlife.

Penny Laurenson, Director of Environmental Planning and Sustainability, Lightsource bp said:
“The Môn solar farm, and others like it, are an important part of meeting rising energy demands efficiently and more sustainably. We’re presenting this project to the local community at this early stage in development to gather feedback and input on our proposals. We want to hear from the people of Anglesey, and following this consultation we’ll conduct a variety of assessments, refine our plans and bring them back to the community for further comment and input.”

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