Following my instincts, Lee’s story

Lee’s story

Joined 2021, UK. When people ask me why I chose Lightsource bp, I tell them it often feels more like the company chose me! I had previously been working for a traditional broad energy company and very focussed in driving the energy transition, so renewables has long been something I’m passionate about. When the opportunity to join Lightsource bp presented itself to me, I couldn’t turn it down. From the very first conversations with members of the leadership team, the energy, vision and passion of the people in this company shone through. It’s impossible not to want to be a part of that, people with energy and vision are people that you want to work with.

Instinctive lawyers. I am a lawyer, and therefore by definition an analyser, however I also strongly believe in listening to your instincts and following them, over the years I have found them to almost always be right. It certainly was in the case of Lightsource bp! I am also a great believer in our lawyers – both internal and external being solution driven business partners. In an increasingly regulated world – it’s very important that we manage risk, this does not mean we should not take risk; we are focussed on success, but we must manage it well, transparently and responsibly.

A growth challenge. Looking at the company’s story so far, it has been one of phenomenal growth . Eleven years is short in the lifespan of a business, and what’s been achieved so far is incredible. Looking at the ambition for the next few years, it’s clear to me that what comes next will be even more exciting! For me, Lightsource bp presents a unique opportunity to shape and contribute to something really important, to have a real impact. I’m a person who relishes a challenge and my career has been defined by rising to challenges. I’m a firm believer in the fact that you learn the most about yourself and other people when you’re challenged, that’s when we get the best out of ourselves and others.

People are the secret to our success. So far, the most valuable time I have spent since joining Lightsource bp has been in meeting such a huge range of people. When I first joined the company, I set myself the challenge to meet as many people as possible in the first three months; including the entire global legal & compliance team, who are spread over multiple jurisdictions and time zones – the rise in video calls has some upside! Spending time meeting so many people has given me some unique insights, but overall, mostly a tremendous confidence in the solid platform that we have to build upon. Whatever industry you’re in, the biggest asset is human capital, and Lightsource bp has that in spades.

Lee Young, Group General Counsel


Corporate biography

Lee Young is the Group General Counsel leading the legal, company secretarial and compliance functions for Lightsource bp’s global portfolio.

Before joining Lightsource bp, Lee was the Legal Director in charge of Corporate Transactions for Total Energies SE. Lee was also a director of Maxeon Solar Technologies, a Nasdaq-listed solar panel designer and manufacturer.

He began his career in investment fund management before qualifying as a solicitor and remaining in private practice for several years. He has served as the General Counsel and Company Secretary, sitting on the management committee and board of Total UK. Lee was also the Corporate Affairs Director for Rontec Investments LLP.

Lee graduated law from the universities of Manchester (LLB) and Westminster (LPC) and has been admitted to the roll of Solicitors in England and Wales since 2000.


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