France: Lightsource bp joins forces to progress AgriPV Research, Innovation and Learning

Today, Lightsource bp’s team in France announced the signing of a memorandum of understanding with the National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food, and the Environment (INRAE) to support the AgriPV Research, Innovation and Learning Platform (PNR AgriPV) alongside industry partners.

The aim of the PNR AgriPV is to progress and develop research in France into the benefits of agricultural activities alongside energy production. It brings together in partnership public academic researchers and private companies that are actively involved in agrivoltaics.

By creating cross-sector partnerships, the PNR AgriPV aims to accelerate the sustainable development of agrivoltaics across France, in line with recent legislation passed by the French Senate in February 2023 to combat the effects of climate change and meet the European Union’s ambitious renewable targets.

As a global leader, Lightsource bp is progressing partnerships and agrivoltaic initiatives like this across the world, most recently announcing partnerships with land and farming associations in the UK , progressing agrivoltaic parks in Italy and advancing solar grazing in the United States.

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