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Joined 2020, USA – I’ve spent the majority of my career in HR working for really large organisations, companies with lots of layers and extensive policies, where processes are deeply imbedded. When I came onboard with Lightsource bp, the USA operations were still fairly new, and the opportunity felt like a blank canvas, an opportunity to be able to make a real impact.

My experience working with both big business and small start-ups meant I’ve been able to build processes and standard operating procedures for HR at Lightsource bp, and right from the start I felt like I was really making a difference to the company. I’ve been given so many opportunities to get stuck in, working on both tactics and strategy, the big picture and the little details, and it’s meant that I’ve been able to build something special.

I’ll be the first to admit that my knowledge of solar began when I joined Lightsource bp, but from an HR perspective, the company definitely stands out. Though we’re now a substantial team, it still feels like a much smaller company. The intimacy, the accessibility to leadership, the high degree of autonomy, the genuine care for all members of staff… These aren’t things you typically expect from big business, but they’re all front and center at Lightsource bp, and from my position in HR it’s especially obvious.

Lightsource bp is a company which really values and supports its staff. As HR, my role is to support people during difficult circumstances, and when I have needed extra support and consideration, even in matters outside my working life, the company has been there for me. We say we care about our people, and we mean it.

Aaron Chavez, HR Business Partner, Americas

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