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Joined 2017, USA – My career at Lightsource began when the company first expanded into North America. From the very beginning, it was such an exciting place to be. I saw straight away that Lightsource had the scale and the ambition to be a meaningful part of the growth of solar not only here in the US, but around the world. Not just the expertize and the backing, but something extra, a willingness to invent, to explore, to innovate, to understand more deeply—and I found that very exciting! It fits with my own temperament.

The whole structure of how we do business gives Lightsource bp the holistic approach that the solar industry needs to move forward. We develop, finance, own and operate solar plants, we look at the whole process, and that gives us the view we need to create projects that meet financial and performance goals, while lasting for 35 years or more.

That’s no mean feat – for this to happen you have to have a really strong emphasis on the fundamental disciplines: safety, quality, credibility, rigor, stakeholder management, employee engagement. At Lightsource bp, we make sure we’re paying attention to all the details that really matter.

For me, one of the best things about Lightsource bp is that the whole company has a kind of restless curiosity that I find absolutely engaging; we are always on the hunt for a better way, a new angle, to learn our lessons and continuously improve. I see evidence of that all over our ambitions and priorities, and that gives me a space to be creative, to try new things, to help drive the industry in new and unique ways.

Almost 20 years into my solar career, I get to wake up every day to new possibilities; that’s not a privilege I take lightly. I’m grateful for the home I’ve found here.

Kevin Christy, Chief Operating Officer, North America

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