Pushing boundaries, our US Environmental Affairs team’s story

Pushing boundaries, our US Environmental Affairs team’s stories 

It’s not just that we’re generating renewable energy—it’s how we’re doing it. Our Environmental Affairs team is at the heart of our Responsible Solar approach, pushing the boundaries of conventional solar to create projects that not only integrate with the natural environment, but enhance it as well. 

 In the United States, this small but powerful (and growing!) group is the driving force behind some of our most innovative projects, implementing solar with agriculture, conservation and biodiversity across our American portfolio. Read some of their stories below.  


Alyssa Edwards, VP Environmental Affairs and Government Relations 

Alyssa has always been driven to be part of the climate solution; her current role is the culmination of 15+ years in renewables. As leader of both environmental and government affairs in the US, she works to site solar projects responsibly and advocates for policies that support a low-carbon economy. Alyssa is particularly passionate about advancing sustainable development through innovation and science. She enjoys implementing research initiatives, agrivoltaics programs and conservation to build pioneering multi-use solar projects across the US. She says she believes there are no boundaries on learning and improving at Lightsource bp, which has allowed her to make a real difference in her field and makes every workday rewarding.  


Blayne Gunderman, Director of Environmental Affairs 

Lightsource bp’s biodiversity goals drew Blayne to the company in 2021 after 20 years working in energy development, construction and operations.  She loves working with a group of personable, smart, focused and driven coworkers. With a degree in environmental science, she shares the company’s passion for dual-use solar and says she is proud to work for a company that prioritizes sustainable development. 


Lexie Hain, Director of Agrivoltaics and Land Management 

After several years partnering closely with Lightsource bp as a third-party expert on all things sheep, Lexie officially joined the team in February 2022. She is a farmer in New York state and founder of the American Solar Grazing Association, as well as a solar grazing consulting business. In her role at Lightsource bp, Lexie supports the team’s commitment to implementing solar with agriculture, conservation and biodiversity across our American portfolio. She is excited for the opportunity to expand her work nationwide on a forward-thinking team.  


Geographic Information Systems (GIS) 

Our GIS team works under Environmental Affairs to inform decisions about solar farm siting, design, construction and operations with advanced geospatial insights. Learn more about this global team.  

–> Mapping the future of energy, our GIS team’s story 


Join our team, make a difference 

 By choosing a career at Lightsource bp, you will join a global team that truly cares about creating a more sustainable future for our world, through safe and meaningful low carbon energy projects.   

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