The search for something greater, Anderson’s story

The search for something greater, Anderson’s story

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Joined 2022, Brazil – As Head of EPC, my role is to lead the Engineering, Procurement and Construction team. Our mission is to execute the construction of solar projects in Brazil, always focusing on excellence, seeking optimizations and opportunities to maximize the operational performance of these assets. Our approach is strongly guided by the safety and health of our team and our partners through close and efficient management, to supply equipment and guarantee quality construction as is necessary to meet our commitments.

Day to day, I am motivated by the search for something greater, a legacy for the future of our society. So, in seeking to be a vehicle that drives the global transition to conscious, sustainable use of low-carbon energy, Lightsource bp is completely aligned with my personal passion, motivation and inspiration. There is no doubt in my mind that this alignment of ideas, purposes, ideals, aspirations and values were crucial elements for me to choose and to be chosen as part of this family! I am confident that my experience of more than 15 years managing ventures in the renewable energy generation sector will contribute to helping our family grow and further drive the transition to low-carbon energy here in Brazil, as we have done in other parts of the world.

Lightsource bp is a young company passionate about the constant and fast change that the world is going through. Its principles speak to its disruptive nature. For me, this is the secret that makes it different from other companies; we are inspired to do things differently than our predecessors, being creative and agile, challenging barriers and preconceived concepts, always looking to go further. To me, this is fantastic!

Being part of this team is a personal and professional privilege. In my first few days here, I met people with a lot of energy, with a lot of competence and with a contagious collaborative spirit. The diversity of the group in all dimensions and the light yet serious spirit held by all make me believe that we are truly connected in our objectives, missions and values. It’s the right recipe for success and building a solid organic growth path.

-Anderson Concon, Vice President, Head of EPC


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