Johnson Corner solar

Renewable energy for not-for-profit electric utility in Kansas

Key numbers


/20MWᴀᴄ capacity


metric tons of CO2 saved per year


fuel-burning cars taken off road (equivalent)


central and western Kansas homes powered


construction jobs created

Current status

Site selection & preliminary design

Stakeholder outreach

Permitting & environmental studies

Land management & biodiversity planning

Final engineering, financing & construction

Operation & maintenance

Decommissioning & recycling

Sunflower Electric Power Corp., headquartered in Hays, Kansas,  is a not-for-profit electric utility providing wholesale generation and transmission services to six member-owners serving in central and western Kansas. Sunflower Electric and Lightsource bp have a 25-year contract for clean, renewable electricity to provide affordable, local energy for electric cooperative members across Kansas.

The agreement is for 27.5MW of large-scale offsite solar, providing enough green electricity to power 5,165 homes across central and western Kansas every year.  In addition to providing clean on-peak energy, the solar project is reducing loading on a transmission line that is nearing capacity, saving costs by deferring or ultimately cancelling the requirement for costly infrastructure upgrades.

The Johnson Corner solar project, the largest solar farm in Kansas, consists of 75,000 solar panels installed across 144 acres of land in Stanton County, 2 miles from Johnson City. Commercial operation commenced in April 2020.

MKEC, Sunflower Electric Power and Lightsource bp are incredibly proud of this solar project, and the opportunities it will offer the organisations and the local communities.

Aerial image of rows of solar panels on a solar farm

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Solar farm FAQs

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Video: Introducing Johnson Corner Solar

Take a look at the video below to find out more about our $37million project entered commercial operation on April 7, 2020.

Aerial image of rows of solar panels on a solar farm

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