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Current status

Site selection

Preliminary assessment and site design

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Ownership transferred

27.1MWdc in Maghaberry, Northern Ireland

Maghaberry solar project is a 27.1MWdc solar project installed across 110 acres of former airfield land. The site is located at the former Maghaberry airfield and became operational in January 2018.

Specific attention was given to the structural remains of the former airfield that Maghaberry solar project was developed on, receiving support from NIEA Archaeology and NIEA Natural Heritage. The project has been designed to provide a net-biodiversity gain over the life of the project with species rich seed mixes being sown to increase biodiversity, providing benefits beyond solar. Several other biodiversity initiatives have been implemented such as bird and bat boxes, improved hedgerows and log piles to provide habitats and shelter for wildlife. Grass has been sown throughout the site, providing a source of food for sheep to graze between the panel.

During the development phase of the project Lightsource bp spent time visiting local residents and encouraging input from the local community. This helped the team understand the views and any concerns of the local community, which could then be integrated into the site designs. Helping provide solar responsibly to the residents of Maghaberry.

*All statistics detailed on this page are accurate as of July 2021

Information & resources

During the development process, we put together the following information for the local community and planning committee

*All statistics detailed in our downloadable documents were accurate at the time of publication and may have changed during the development process.

Lightsource bp sold this site in May 2020.

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