Tiln Energy Storage Project

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battery energy storage system






solar project co-located

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Safe, sustainable, clean energy for UK communities

Lightsource bp has developed and constructed a 25MW/50MWh (two-hour duration) Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) on it’s 61MWp Tiln Farm solar project.

The energy storage system is connected to the grid via the 132kV substation on site, and is be charged from the grid, in addition to using re-routed solar energy generated at Tiln. Revenue will initially be generated by providing ancillary services for grid stability, which enables deeper penetration of renewables, greater flexibility, and contributes positively to energy security.

The Tiln energy storage project is the first of Lightsource bp’s multi-gigawatt storage pipeline to reach construction. The battery is equipped with advanced safety features, with individual battery units within each container that are sealed and monitored, with their own fire suppression systems. This means that if one cell fails, the majority of the container unit is protected and the problem is contained to a much smaller section of the battery. The set-up of this model of battery is a marked improvement on earlier generations of battery energy storage safety systems, which is one of the reasons it was selected for this project.