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Current status

Site selection

Preliminary assessments & site design

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49.9MWac solar project at Tiln Lane, Retford

Lightsource bp is funding the development, construction and operation a solar installation that will have an output power capacity of 61MWp (Megawatts peak) or 49.9MWac (Megawatts AC).

Construction is underway on the Tiln project, and you can find out more in the leaflet below. Tiln Farm is the first Lightsource bp solar project to be built using n-type TOPCon modules, a new type of panel using a different mix of materials, reducing losses and improving efficiency. It is also the first project to be co-located with energy storage.

We’ve designed this site in line with our stated sustainability commitments. To that end, approximately £560,000 will be spent on the implementation of the bespoke Biodiversity Management Plan and the landscape planting plan during construction and development. A total of 10 acres of the site will remain free from panels and will instead be turned into wildflower meadows to enhance local biodiversity. We’ve also made strong commitments to supporting rural businesses and communities and these are demonstrated by the Tiln project, which has been designed to be suitable for sheep grazing, allowing agricultural activities to continue on the site.

We selected the site area shown below through a wide range of environmental assessments, which included landscape and visual, heritage and archaeology, ecology and more. We took our initial plans to the local community for input, holding a virtual event, which took place on Thursday 8th October 2020, in the form of a video presentation and live Q&A session. Before the event, we sent a press release to local papers, and an information leaflet to surrounding homes.

Tiln Farm Solar Farm Community Information Presentation

Information presentation for our Tiln Farm Solar Farm proposal, recorded for the virtual event that took place on 8th October 2020.

Our proposal

Our initial plans are outlined below. These plans will be informed by the results of our environmental and planning assessments which are currently underway. If you have any thoughts on our current plans, we would like to hear from you.

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