Lifelong ambition fulfilled, Noemie’s story

Joined 2015, UK- Working in renewable energy has been my goal since I was a teenager – my dad took a job in the wind industry, and a few years later he participated in the development and construction of the first solar PV large scale project in France. I got to watch the project progress – I saw with my own eyes how a solar farm was built and it was then that I decided I wanted to be a renewable energy engineer.

My career at Lightsource bp has definitely lived up to those early expectations. I’m fighting climate change on my own scale, contributing to making the world a little bit better, and I’m doing a job that never fails to interest me.

The renewable energy industry is still so young (comparatively speaking) and so everything moves so fast. Every month, every quarter, a new product arrives on the market – to stay relevant you have to keep learning, keep up to date with new tech and new developments – every day is different.

My role is an especially varied one – the Project Manager is the centre point of all departments, which is very enjoyable. It allows you to see the project from an early phase of development (just a piece of land) to the day where we are connecting the different piece of equipment on the site and finally generating electricity. It is very rewarding to see the full cycle of a project, to know that you’ve played a part in every step of the process. It’s everything I had hoped it would be.

Noemie Daguenet, Senior Project Manager – Europe and International

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