Breaking new ground, Stanley’s story

Joined 2014, UK – The years I’ve spent at Lightsource bp working within the finance team, have been exciting and rewarding. Working in the renewable energy industry allows me to fulfil what I feel is an important responsibility to the planet and our future. I joined Lightsource bp at a time when the company was focused on building mostly 5MWp solar sites across the UK and taking advantage of the UK government’s renewable energy subsidy schemes.

Today, we are building sites above 100MWp that are subsidy free and competitive and now spread across the globe. Growth at this amazing pace has been incredible to watch and exciting to be a part of. The company has very talented individuals with a can-do attitude such as I have never seen anywhere else. In dealing with new challenges brought about by fast growth and increased complexity, the teams can pull together with a spirit of comradeship to get the job done.

The potential that Lightsource bp has to grow as a business and to support other businesses and the rest of the world reduce carbon footprints, remains a huge part of my motivation for going to work. My very diverse team and the rest of my colleagues are a lovely bunch of people to work with. I have also never worked anywhere else with the level of diversity we have. At the last count, we had 11 different nationalities working in the London finance team alone.

Stanley Odemena, Finance Manager, UK


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