2024 utility-scale solar projects in progress

For over a decade, Lightsource bp has been supporting businesses and communities with affordable and reliable solar power. Through our projects we contribute meaningfully towards global sustainability, helping to fight climate change and support decarbonisation of our planet’s energy landscape.

This video showcases our 2024 projects, demonstrating our commitment of delivering utility-scale solar around the world.

Find out more about all the global projects featured in this video:

  • Wellington North, Australia. 425 MWdc, 650 construction jobs
  • Wunghnu, Australia. 90 MWdc, 347 construction jobs
  • Milagres, Brazil. 212 MWdc, 1200 construction jobs
  • Kozani, Greece. 225 MWdc, 450 construction jobs
  • Kotun, Poland. 50 MWdc, 400 construction jobs
  • Brechin Castle, Trinidad and Tobago. 122 MWdc, 250 construction jobs
  • TILN, United Kingdom. 61 MWdc, 110 construction jobs
  • TILN BESS, United Kingdom. 50 MWdc, 110 construction jobs
  • Cottontail, United States. 153 MWdc, 200 construction jobs
  • Driver, United States. 313 MWdc, 250 construction jobs
  • Honeysuckle, United States. 188 MWdc, 200 construction jobs
  • Prairie Ronde, United States. 180 MWdc, 250 construction jobs
  • Oxbow, United States. 345 MWdc, 400 construction jobs
  • Second Division, United States. 125 MWdc, 200 construction jobs
  • Starr, United States. 164 MWdc, 200 construction jobs

Want to learn more? Read our sustainability leaflet detailing the benefits of solar.

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